Shodan Vaquine Stewart

Hello my name is Shodan Vaquine Stewart and I have been studying Shorinjiryu Kenryukan for 6 years. I got into the Karate school from an extended branch, learning from Tashi Doro at an after school program within my middle school that is located in Bushwick. While training within the Kenryukan I have gained knowledge that will help me in all aspects of my life. Training within this amazing school has allowed me to see what kind of person I am and will eventually become. Besides learning how to defend myself I also learned how to work and deal with all types of people of various ages and ethnicities. Practice at the Kenryukan has helped me tremendously. It has shown me that with the proper training in the mental, physical and spiritual aspects, of karate, that anything is possible if you just give it your all and truly care for what you are doing.