Nidan Decland Paul-Roper

Nidan Decaland Paul-Roper
Nidan Decaland Paul-Roper
Rank: 2nd degree Black Belt, Nidan
Years in Karate: 16 years
Why Kenryukan?: My parents signed me up for karate at 8 years old because I originally needed to get into better shape, gain better coordination and improve my balance. Shorinjiyu Kenryukan was directly up the street from where I lived so this was a very convenient choice.
Kenryukan Influences: Being involved in the Kenryukan has not only taught me how to defend myself, but it has also given me a second family besides my own, as well as a father figure and mentor in Hanshi Myron M. Lubitsch.
Future Goals: Give back to the mudansha of today, the tutelage I have acquired from the past and aid them in becoming the greater yudansha of tomorrow.